Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rakuten and Tenso Review!

For long I have lusted over the quality and gorgeousness of Japanese shoes, but the price of shipping has always hindered me from placing an order. However, my birthday is coming up, and a week and a half ago I decided to buy a pair from Rakuten (a Japanese online shopping site), using as a shipping intermediary.

H&M Caramel Coat

I recently bought a coat from H&M that's in Caramel, and after a flip through my winter closet I realized I didn't have any shoes of the same color to match. It was then my obsessive-compulsive tendencies kicked up and I decided to scour the Japanese retailer Rakuten for a pair of pretty yet comfy winter shoes in Caramel. And tada! I found this!

It was love at first sight. The low heel is perfect for casual wear in Calgary. It matches my coat colour. It's made from fake fur (amen). And it has an anti-slip feature on the bottom. 

So pretty!

The checkout process in Rakuten is pretty complicated, as a lot of it is in Japanese; even if you choose English as your main language. With the help of Google Chrome's translation tools, I checked out successfully and used as my shipping intermediary.

Rakuten Japanese Retailer Group is a proxy service operating in Japan that gives you an unique customer number. Some stores in Japan don't deliver worldwide, so you would enter Tenso's local Japanese address with your customer number on top. When Tenso receives the package, it then uses that customer number to find your address; and then uses EMS to ship the package to you asap. Proxy Service

I ordered the shoes on October 5th, and got it in the mail October 18th, one day before my birthday. <3 p="p">

Considering that the package had to travel to 2 destinations (proxy and then my address in Canada); I am very impressed with the delivery speed. It looks like I will be using much more from now on. :)

The shoes are equally pretty in real life as the online picture. Tried them on as soon as I signed for them and they are SUPER comfortable. The color of the shoes compared to my coat is a tiny bit off, but not very noticeable. 

Overall opinion: SUCCESS! 

In the future when I'm rich and famous, I will buy more products from Rakuten. 
My Shoes!

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